Consumer Experience Mapping Services

Our proprietary tools enable us to build a deep and detailed understanding of a brands complete customer experience. Our strategic process helps to identify any roadblocks consumers are facing. Highlighting customer needs, and a brands’ performance at each stage of their consumer’s journey.

Clients have the opportunity to step into the shoes of their consumers and understand every interaction they have with their service or offering. Helping brands prioritise their customer and create an impactful experience that drives growth.

Target Market Analysis

Understanding customer behaviour is a vital aspect for every business to deliver on consumer expectations and drive results. At Carat we provide a data driven target market analysis to map a brands end to end customer experience. Highlighting what areas have room for growth and what our client’s consumer needs, to create a foundation for success. Our specialists are uniquely equipped to provide a broad view of the challenges and opportunities clients can face. Our data driven approach ensures our clients are ideally placed to create media-led experiences across disciplines.

With over 100 offices globally, powered by our team of 12,000 experts, we provide the resources and ingenuity to help brands create and optimise their customer experience that will adapt to today’s ever-changing markets and drive growth.

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Consumer Experience Mapping Services
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